New Technology

We keep up with new technology

Our office is fully computerized and we have eliminated all paper chartings. This saves your time as well as ours. Our dental software #DENTRIX Dental System is one of the world's leading practice management software providers. DENTRIX's mission is to improve the efficiency of the dental office; it has improved our office efficiency and capability tremendously. As an integrated part of the DENTRIX software technology, the ScanX phosphor plate x-ray system allows us to view, diagnose and manipulate x-ray images in seconds. Gone are all the hazardous chemicals used to process conventional film. We especially love the fact that the phosphor plates reduce radiation exposure levels up to 85%. The x-ray is acquired within seconds of pushing the button. This technology also allows us to be much more environmentally friendly because we don't have to dispose of the x-ray film or chemicals. The radiographs produced with the digital x-ray phosphor plates are highly detailed and can be rotated, magnified, adjusted and even emailed to insurance companies or to your endodontist, periodontist or oral surgeon. We can better educate you about your dental problems by showing you your x-ray chair side on a wide computer screen. Overall we are pleased to be able to deliver faster, cleaner, better quality care with the DENTRIX software and digital x-rays.